Below are resources that Watertown Community Conversations has created and information from other communities nationwide. If you have information about the work being done by other communities and organizations to promote effective public dialogue, please let us know.  Contact Us.

Meeting Guidelines

Meeting Guidelines is short primer on why and how to set meeting guidelines, or ground rules.  Such guidelines are an important tool to successfully achieving a meeting's intended outcomes.  Meeting Guidelines was developed by Watertown Community Conversations.  Click here to view and download

Helping People with Opposing Views Talk to Each Other

Helping People with Opposing Views Talk to Each Other outlines several ways you can help those with opposing views share and listen to others in a respectful environment. This resource was developed by Watertown Community Conversations. Click here to view and download.

Portsmouth (NH) Listens

Portsmouth Listens has a long, successful track record of supporting civil, public deliberation of complex issues affecting Portsmouth residents’ everyday lives.  Visit the Portsmouth Listens website to learn more about their process and community projects.