Watertown Community Conversations

Our Mission:


Watertown Community Conversations promotes the use of successful, proven techniques in civil discourse in order to strengthen the social fabric of our community and help the Town's elected officials and staff make more widely-supported decisions.

Watertown Community Conversations is pleased to acknowledge funding from the Watertown Community Foundation in support of its programs.


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Our Vision

Stronger sense of community and local democracy 

Better informed public and Town officials regarding difficult, complex issues

Increased public involvement on important issues

More widely supported decisions on public issues.

This is our vision for Watertown. 

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Our Programs

Since our first Introductory Meeting on Community Engagement in December, 2016, we have engaged the Watertown community in proven, successful models for improving public discussion and debate. We continue these efforts with facilitator training and other programs open to all residents, community and business leaders, and other stakeholders in Watertown.


Watertown Community Conversations is part of a national effort to create inclusive and effective public discussion and decisions. We have put together our own resources as well as resources from other communities in Massachusetts, New England, and nationwide. 

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